Enrique Infante nos presenta su tercer disco de studio

"El Detalle Que Faltaba" is Enrique Infante third studio album. The album was produced by Leonardo Morales and Enrique Infante himself. "El Detalle Que Faltaba" contains 11 tracks that includes "El Viaje," "Las Rutas De Luna," "Hoy Quiero Confesarte," "Vuelve," "Tiempos Sin Pan Ni Sudor," and "She," among others. This new productions will be available in major music stores online by Tuesday, March 7th 2017. 

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Enrique Infante releases a new single titled “El Viaje” (The Journey)

 "El Viaje" is Enrique Infante's new single. This song is fully produced by Leonardo Morales, and becomes Infante's second single from the album "El Detalle Que Faltaba." The song narrates the story of an immigrant that faces his own fears and how later, he overcomes his own struggles. Musically the song mixes the son montuno Cubano and guajira with an interesting sound toward the indie/pop style. During the bridge you will hear, a flamenco guitar, cajon, tabla and palmas (clapping) emulating a Bulería."El Viaje" (The Journey), begins with a melancholic charango, and ends with an old recording of Nelson Mandela's voice that prays: "...in which all persons will live in harmony... and with equal opportunities." The song will be available in major music stores online by Wednesday, December 28th 2016. 

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Enrique Infante estrena un nuevo sencillo titulado "El Viaje"

 “El Viaje”, es el nuevo sencillo de Enrique Infante. La canción producida por Leonardo Morales, se convierte en el segundo sencillo que se desprende del álbum "El Detalle Que Faltaba". La canción narra la historia de un inmigrante que se enfrenta a sus propios miedos y de cómo logra superar sus esas batallas. Musicalmente la canción mezcla el son montuno Cubano y la guajira con un sonido que coquetea con el sonido indie-pop. En la mitad del tema se escucharán una guitarra flamenca, el cajón, las tablas y palmas, emulando una Bulería. "El Viaje", comienza con un charango melancólico y termina con una antigua grabación de la voz de Nelson Mandela que reza: "... en la que todas las personas vivirán en armonía ... y con igualdad de oportunidades". “El Viaje” estará disponible en las tiendas de internet desde el Miércoles, 28de Diciembre.

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In 2016, Enrique Infante celebrates 25 Anniversary of music career   

Enrique Infante started playing professionally at age 19, when he performed his first paid gig, playing the rhythm guitar and singing for a band he was part of, known as "Fin De Siglo" (End of the Century). It was 1991, and he and his other band mates were in the process of writing songs that never had the chance to record because of the lack of money.

An older friend decided to help them out, by contacting some venues in Lima, and finally made a deal with the owner of the then new restaurant called "Los Botes" (The Boats), located on the corner of la avenida Uruguay with el jiron Washington. It was the same day that the famous Chilean band "Los Prisioneros" was playing in a bigger venue. Enrique went to see them live, and had to left the venue to run to his gig. He made it on time. The room was filled with family, relatives, friends, and the musician's girlfriends; all of them, big supporters.

25 years later, Enrique resides in United States, and still making music for living. Hard to believe. Long career with ups, downs, and a lot of difficulties, with plenty amazing moments in music, living a beautiful dream, that he never thought it would be possible.

Happy Anniversary Enrique!

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Enrique Infante releases a new single titled “El Detalle Que Faltaba”

The Peruvian songwriter, Enrique Infante, releases a new single, titled "El Detalle Que Faltaba," promotional song from his upcoming album with the same name. The worldwide release of this new single was scheduled for Thursday, October 9th, and now is available in major music stores online. The song ("The Missing Detail") was written by Enrique Infante, and arranged by the Colombian producer, Leonardo Morales.


Enrique Infante lanza un nuevo sencillo titulado “El Detalle Que Faltaba”

El cantautor Enrique Infante,  lanzará un nuevo sencillo, titulado “El Detalle Que Faltaba”; canción promocional, de su próximo álbum que llevará el mismo nombre. El lanzamiento mundial de este nuevo sencillo, lanzado el pasado jueves 9 de Octubre, ya se encuentra a la venta en las principales tiendas musicales de internet. La canción “El Detalle Que Faltaba” fue producida y arreglada por el músico colombiano, Leonardo Morales.

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Reviews and Comments (Comentarios)

"Como guitarrista, Infante tiene una técnica elegante, con una poderosa y ágil mano derecha, que por momentos parece la de un guitarrista de flamenco por su velocidad y precisión".

(David Dorantes, La Voz Houston Journalist)


"I really liked the message of the tune, "La Negra Soledad." I like the instrumentation, the various Andean influences, it made a big musical statement." 

(Félix Contreras, Alt Latino NPR Music Host & Reporter)


"Dejavu can do anything. I prefer that. We're all influenced by all types of music. So if you can put all types of music together into one show, that's great."

(Scott Gold, Composer/Bass Player)


Canciones Ajenas (Other People's Songs). "This record boasts songs in a variety of styles, from Santana-esque Latin rock to smooth percussion and acoustic guitar ballads and even hints of the traditional music of his native Peru. Well worth a listen."

(Jim Fischer, This Week News Writer)


"Enrique Infante expresses his questions and beliefs about life in this rhythmic and musically skilled album, Canciones Ajenas."

(Sarah Kingston, Vocalist/Composer)


"Escucho música diversa, no soy un crítico en este arte, pero la canción de Enrique Infante, "El Detalle Que Faltaba" y a propósito del  título, es un gran detalle, para desearle al cantautor Enrique Infante muchos éxitos en su carrera musical". 

(Oliver López, YouTube User)


"Enrique is knowledgeable and passionate person. He knows how to connect with people in a meaningful and sincere way, to make the larges positive impact possible. Truly caring about every person he comes into contact with. It's a pleasure to work with Enrique. If you want to hear music thats beautiful and exciting, he will fair exceed your expectations."

(Jeromy Schall, Ecommerce expert for Small to Mid-Sized Business)


"To me, Enrique is a truly inspiring leader. He did what the best leaders do. He took a risk on me. He trusted me to do the work I needed to do to fill a major need in his organization."

(Jeff Crisafulli, Bass Player)




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